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Putah Creek Crawdads
‘You get a line, I’ll get a pole....’


Our 2015 album “Rolling On” is dedicated to the memories of Oliver “Chip” Northup and Claudia Maupin. Chip was our lead singer for 48 years (1965-2013), and the warmth in his voice matched the warmth in his heart and spirit. The new CD concludes with Chip singing lead on a song we recorded in 2007 but had not released. As you can hear, his voice was something special.

Chip and Claudia were two of the most generous and giving people we’ve known. We miss them deeply.

Chip at Creek 96Chip wrote the following for our website before the release of our first CD, Going Back

Chip (christened and formally known as Oliver) Northup, (lead vocals and guitar) besides being a charter member of the Davis Unitarian Universalist Church where the Crawdads got their start, is one of the "founding four" of the Putah Creek Crawdads.

His folk singing career got its start when, around 1961, he took a few (a very, very few) group folk guitar lessons through the Davis Arts Center. 

A lawyer by profession, he spent his senior career specialing in criminal appellate defense of indigents by court appointment.

His hobbies in addition to the Crawdads, included hiking in the wilderness, walking anywhere, writing poetry, fiction and memoir (not for publication), all kinds of reading, movie going, and TV watching.

He is the father of two daughters and four sons, a dozen grandchildren, and two great grandchildren.

With the guidance of his lovely spouse, Claudia, he finally learned the secret of a happy marriage -- always say "yes."

Chip and Claudia  More information is available in here and on the internet



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