The Putah Creek Crawdads are

sanimated-for-facebook-clipart-83825 copyMarc Faye*--bass and vocals
Wayne Ginsburg--mandolin and vocals
Kate Laddish--fiddle, guitar and vocals
John Rominger--guitar and vocals
Captane “Cap” Thomson*--banjo and vocals
David Coppock--5-string banjo and vocals

Ray Coppock*--(1922-2016) guitar, harmonica and baritone harmony vocals
Oliver “Chip” Northup* (1925-2013) lead singer and guitar.
* identifies the founding members of the Putah Creek Crawdads.

About Us

‘You get a line, I’ll get a pole....’

The Putah Creek Crawdads

Contact us: info@putahcreekcrawdads. (530) 666-0678